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Avebury Project - A Work In Progress

Stone Age City At Avebury, Defined By Its Sacred Landscape And Sarsen Sculptures

"It is the people that are missing, lost in the chasm of time" ~ Aubrey Burl

"Some calamity, we know not what, intervened and the aged, ancestral fertility system collapsed.
The megaliths were never used, never understood again"
~ Terence Meaden

Welcome to my Avebury Gallery.   In a rational world the Avebury sculptures shown here would dominate scholarly research into the British Neolithic.   But for reasons I cannot fathom they appear to be largely ignored, or their existence briskly denied.   Archaeological orthodoxy seems to regard the stones as akin to prehistoric traffic cones, utilitarian markers intended just to mark out the henges and avenues, mere lumps of stone with no intrinsic creative interest!   This view is deeply mistaken, Avebury's stones were carefully selected, and often masterfully carved into the most wonderful art - look at my photographs here, then read Meaden's Secrets Of The Avebury Stones book, consider his Marriage Of The Gods thesis, and make up your own mind.   For my part I fear that the interpretation of many of the remaining carvings must await the attention of scholars yet unborn.  Their goal, of course, being at least the partial recovery of a lost mythology.   

My intention in making my images and notes here is both to develop my own subjective vision of Avebury, and to encourage visitors to Wiltshire to look a little harder at those apparently artless chunks of stone themselves. During this project I have surprised myself by making, I believe, one or two small but real archaeological discoveries amongst the stones, a process aided by photographing at night.   I am aware of how little I have achieved here, but I dedicate my modest efforts to the work of Keiller and Meaden, giants of archaeological reconstruction who have done so much to recover what was otherwise lost, and who have honoured the enormous human achievement that Avebury represents.

Avebury Henge:

The Avenues - Beckhampton and West Kennet:


West Kennet Long Barrow (oldest standing building in England):

Silbury Hill: