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Avebury ~ Sacred Neolithic Landscape

"The landscape at Avebury is without comparison"   Bob Clarke ~ "Prehistoric Wiltshire", Amberley Publishing, 2011

"In a world rabid with spirits as early prehistoric Britain was, people's world-picture was very different from ours"   Aubrey Burl ~ "Prehistoric Avebury", 2nd Ed, Yale University Press 

"As you drive or cycle into Avebury, you cannot fail to be aware of other monuments in the landscape: the huge mound of Silbury Hill beside the A4, the more ancient West Kennet long barrow on the brow opposite, or the rows of standing stones of the West Kennet Avenue.   Yet nothing quite connects. There are fragments of lost worlds muddled with the present, all asking the same question: What am I doing here, what do I mean?"   Mike Pitts ~ "Hengeworld", Arrow Books 2001

"Of the undamaged megaliths inside Avebury Henge which bear recognisable heads (which means the majority of them), left-facing heads number 50 against nine right facing ones ... They are likely to be heads which the Neolithic worshippers knew too, and that is the ultimate criterion."   
Terence Meaden ~ "The Secrets Of The Avebury Stones", Souvenir Press 1999

"The whole of Neolithic Europe, to judge from surviving artifacts and myths, had a remarkably homogenous system of religious ideas based on the many titled Mother Goddess .... The Great Goddess was regarded as immortal, changeless, omnipotent".   Robert Graves

"Death and regeneration are the themes of Avebury".  Aubrey Burl  "Prehistoric Avebury", 2nd Ed, Yale University Press

"Sex and death: the front door and the back door of the world."   William Faulkner ~ "Soldiers' Pay"

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