Zenith-Seeking Face (image rotated 90 degrees right), Cove Stone II, Avebury Henge - (October 2018)    


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Nocturnal photograph of stone face on Avebury Cove Stone


The main face zenith-seeking face was carved on top of arguably the most significant stone at Avebury, looking straight up to the heavens.   The shape and upward looking design of this face, with its characteristic eye socket, can be seen again and again all over Avebury.   There are in fact 2 faces atop Cove Stone II, rotated at 90 degrees to each other, sharing the same eye:


Those who deny the existence of carvings at Avebury need to account for similarities among the stones.   For example the main head on our Cove stone is replicated by another zenith-seeker carved on top of Stone 37b, West Kennet Avenue.   There are many other zenith-seeking faces at Avebury (click here for details). It is a very satisfying, and somewhat eerie experience seeing these faces emerge from the stones, faces that prove that human design shaped the monoliths:



Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography