Zenith-Seeking Face (image rotated 90 degrees right), Cove Stone II, Avebury Henge - (October 2018)     


This face (shown looking right on this rotated image) was carved on top of arguably the most significant stone at Avebury, looking straight up to the heavens.   The shape and upward looking design of this face, with its characteristic eye socket, can be seen again and again all over Avebury, from the very earliest iteration at West Kennet Long Barrow on Stone 2 (here), hiding in plain sight on top of the famous horse statue at West Kennet Avenue (here), also on Stone 33b of the same Avenue (here), and atop the very portals of the Henge (here).   The zenith-seeking faces, because of their repetition and ubiquity, are therefore central to the very purpose of Avebury, and crucially can be seen here at the very heart of the main henge with its dominating cove and the sky worshipping ceremonies that took place there.

Avebury should be better known as the home of the sky watching faces.



Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography