Stone 98, Southern Entrance, South-East Quadrant (October 2020)      

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Illustration A


The upper right portion of the stone shown above catches the light apparently revealing an astonishing portrait of a priest/chief gazing towards the rising east (see explanatory graphic left).

The face's position at the top and east of one of the largest Avebury stones gives him the confidence of rank. If he is real then this portrait proves that in the neolithic at Avebury senior men wore headbands and long beards, and that their spiritual eyes were firmly looking to the east. I say "if he is real" because I can see him in this photo, but have not seen him with my own eyes in real life. Frustrating really.

At the same end of this monolith, but on the reverse side, is another regal and dignified east-looking character, according to Professor Meaden possibly a priestess? Is she consort to our bearded chief/priest because if so they are set in just the right places on the stone? To see her click here and scroll down to Figure I, also see my note here.





Illustration B

This sharp left-profile effigy appears to be fish or a bird >>>>





Illustration C


<<<< This right profile bird appears to be looking towards the rising sun, and shares an eye with the bird shown immediately above.


Illustration D

The right-profile face indicated here may be a recursive depiction of two D faces sharing the same edge features but different eyes (click here for more details of this style of sculpture) >>>>



Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography