Equator-Seeker, Stone 33a, West Kennet Avenue - (August 2018)         

Cf Pattison's "Avebury's Stones" book p 106

Right Faced Profile, with open mouth, looking up to the southern sky.   Explanatory Materials Appear Below This Image - Please Scroll Down To View


Stone 33a West Kennet Avenue - An Equator Seeking Head


Several of West Kennet Avenue's stones represent star-gazers, faces that look upwards to the heavens. Stone 33a belongs to what I classify as a sub-class of these, an equator-seeker (click here for details).   Equator-seekers do not look straight up to the zenith, but rather appear to look in the general direction of the celestial equator high to the south. While the profile of this stone is very clear, its rough surface provides several possible "eyes" which emerge at different times under different lights.   I believe 33a is largely naturally shaped, but I do susupect that the mouth may have been hacked out deliberately.   This gives the appearance of a vocal or singing face.

Stone 33a has a powerful presence and I believe its design contrasts thematically with its neighbour Stone 33b. 33a represents an equator-seeking head, but 33b represents the other main class of star-gazer, the zenith-seeker.   Both can be seen and compared in another of my photographs on this site.


Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography