West Kennet Avenue (November 2016)


"The pairs of stones along the avenue are spaced perfectly so that only one pair of stones was within my immediate vision at any given time.   As one pair faded behind me, the next pair started to gain shape, form and detail."   Lynne Kelly  "The Memory Code" p149

"There is evidence of smashed pots, waste flints, rich earth, hazelnuts and the twigs of fruit-bearing trees deposited in the fissures of the Kennet Avenue showing how people had a need to give the 'spirits' of valued objects and food to the ghosts of the dead.   The dead had the power to provide or withold their goodness as they wished.   To them were given the offerings intended to appease the unreacheable forces that controlled destiny and with whom the dead could mediate."    Aubrey Burl "Prehistoric Avebury" p227


Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography