Left Profiled Face, Stone 34, North-Western Quadrant - January 2021      


Of course I don't believe the little coloured stone was inserted in the eye socket in ancient times, it was probably put there very recently but its placement does confirm someone else saw the same left profiled face I see!   The actual socket, however, may well have been drilled back in the Neolithic, and left empty like the hundreds of other eye sockets in their hundreds, natural or sculpted, scattered amongst the Avebury monoliths.   I should point out that as I don't believe the eye stone is original neolithic but modern, I felt free to intensify it to a slightly more saturated red hue to stand out and show where the easy to overlook small socket hole had been drilled.   As you would expect I have not changed any details on the actual monolith itself, which is my normal policy.





Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography