Stone 13b, West Kennet Avenue, West Kennet Avenue - September 2020           

Cf Di Pattison's "Avebury's Stones" CD p 28.4.html

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This boldly defined and expressive left-profile face looks down towards the south.   It is so clear that it is plainly visible from the road. Photographing at night allowed me to light the carving to show the deliberate chiselling on the eyes, also the highly worked mouth, with its unnaturally stylized perimeter and internal dressing marks.   An outstanding work of art, powerfully realised.

This face may well be an example of what I have defined* as a recursive face - a carving which includes duplicate sets of eyes sharing the same features, as if two faces were superimposed at different scales sharing the same static features, in this case the same nose and chin. Diagram below:

*For other examples of recursive faces at Avebury please click here and scroll down to point 12


Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography