Stone 201, North-east Quadrant - (December 2016)      

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Stone 201 (image right) contains a particularly enigmatic face at its northern end.   In this image the face's mouth and nose are prominent enough, but the left hand eye appears rudimentary or missing altogether. The right eye is much more developed but is almost hidden round the back of the head, making it hard to spot.  

This strange arrangement of facial features reminds me strongly of what I call the "Avebury Sphinx", more properly called Stone 4b of the West Kennet Avenue. Below is a small photo of 4b to show what I mean:

Note the same under-development of the left hand side of the face, and the clearer right of the face almost disappearing round the back of the statue.  Its really striking how clear the right eye is on both stones, and the absence of equivalent left eyes.



Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography