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Important Message

2017 has been a sad year for this my links page.   Several excellent night photography sites appear to have closed and so I have had to remove the defunct links.   If you used to be listed here and I have wrongly removed you, please DO contact me via my guestbook and I will gladly reinstate you.   Thank you.

Alternatively, if you are a night photographer and have never been listed here, and would like to exchange links with me, please contact me via my guestbook.

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John Vias Nightphotographer George Harris
LunarLight Bob Stewart Paul Martin

John Morrison & Harold Burkedin

G & M Schnetzler  


Integrity in Creating Night Photography

"Bending Reality" by Steven Christenson



Landscape Photography Links

Peter Watson    


Session Planning

Photographer's Ephemeris

Moon Phase Calendar

Sun/Moon/Astronomical Twilight

Cambridge In Colour

Sky Maps Current UK Time


Sun & Moon Times Avebury



Avebury Links

Professor Meaden's Pinterest Page

Dr Kate Prendergast's Minerva Article (PDF) 

Dr Lynne Kelly
Jon Cannon

Di Pattison et al

Avebury & Environs Simulacra

Avebury & Environs Notes

Ric Kemp's Paintings

Faces In Stone

Liz Falconer Landscape-perception Avebury - A Present From The Past