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Night Photography Links

(individual photographers' links listed in random order!)

If you are new to night photography I would strongly recommend you start with The Nocturnes.  In my view it is the preeminent night photography website and is full of inspiration, excellent images and great advice. It also has a comprehensive links section which represents a "who's who" of the night photography world:

The Nocturnes Main Page The Nocturnes Links Page

The sites below represent my personal favourite night photographers and resources:

John Vias Wayne Powell

Lance Keimig

Nightphotographer George Harris LunarLight
Bob Stewart Abmedia Hours of Darkness
G & M Schnetzler Paul Martin Philip Pankov

John Morrison & Harold Burkedin




Integrity in Creating Night Photography

"Bending Reality" by Steven Christenson



Landscape Photography Links

John Greenwood Chris Herring Peter Watson
John Duckett Landscape Photography of the UK Mark Mason
Enric Curto David Stanley John Carson


Session Planning

Photographer's Ephemeris

Moon Phase Calendar

Sun/Moon/Astronomical Twilight

Cambridge In Colour

Sky Maps Current UK Time