Left Profile Face, Stone 35a, West Kennet Avenue - (July 2020)     

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(A) Exquisite Sculpture - Expressive Detail Made With Almost Medical Accuracy


Compare this face with the gigantic and skillfully carved sculpture of a woman on Stone 103, south-east quadrant of the main henge (click here).   In particular compare the delicately observed mouths on both carvings.



(B) Two Singers Facing The Dawn

Stone 35a hosts two stunning open mouthed faces carved next to each other  - possibly representing singers, who face east.    They may well be singing to the rising sun or moon.    Both faces are shown below for comparison  [For a larger version of the left hand singing face please click here].   The face below left is the southern most, and you cannot see its northern companion (below right) at the same time, you must walk round the stone and see them one at a time.    Nethertheless, their pairing is obvious:




Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography