Hare, Stone 103, South-East Quadrant, Avebury Henge - (September 2021)    

Totem Stone Of The Windmill Hill People? - See Explanatory Note Lower Down This Page

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figure 1

Notice that as well as the clearly defined main eye of the hare there appears to be a fainter version above it (see figure 1). Was this an earlier, or failed eye slit? Did the sculptor of this amazing beast originally propose an eye set too high in the face, start it and then change his/her mind? Alternatively the double set of eyes could mean this carving is of a recursive face.

The notable repetition of hare sculptures at Avebury suggests to me that the creature was of extreme importance to the Windmill Hill people, was it the totem of their tribe, was Stone 103 therefore of absolutely central significance resulting in its highly prominent placement in the circle?

figure 2


I can't help wondering if in fact our illuminated hare has a less distinctively carved and smaller mate.  You can see in figure 3 that I have highlighted the eye of a possible right profile animal emerging from the shadows of my photograph.

If this is correct then of course that would mean the hare in the foreground is male, and that smaller one behind him would be female, a pairing entirely in keeping with the south-east quadrant's theme of spring fertility.

figure 3


Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography