Left Profile Faces, North Elevation, Swindon Diamond Stone - June 2022      

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There are potentially at least two enormous left profile faces here on the north elevaton of the Swindon Diamond, each defined by a different eye but potentially sharing the same long facial profile along the eastern edge of the monolith (see small graphic right).

Whichever eye you favour, the resulting north elevation face is partnered by a single, clearer, more elegant profile on the south elevation (click here to view). Taken together, these massive north and south profiles combine to form a single giant head looking up into the eastern sky.

One of the possible faces here on the north side has a strikingly open mouth which could be interpreted as shouting or singing (btw this mouth looks remarkably like the one on the south side's face). I suspect that our friend in the graphic below represents a workshipper singing to the rising sun, an explanation I attach to portrayals of singers in the West Kennet Avenue, (click here for details, scroll down to see point B on that page). Here is a graphic of our Swindon Diamond singer, notice the artificially chipped nose:



Another face is this beaked one below, you can see it best from the road, but it is difficult to photograph there at night and stay alive! However you can make out the beaked profile and the edge of the main eye socket:


Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography