Left Facing Profile Of Woman, Stone 103, South-East Quadrant, Avebury Henge - (December 2017)        

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Night photograph of gigantic stone woman at Avebury


The Lady of Stone 103 - A Portrait Worthy Of Picasso


I knew in advance of my visit that there were heads carved onto Stone 103 but I was completely unprepared for the artistry of this Lady's beautiful profile. Exquisite "penmanship", a masterpiece of drawing - in stone.   Wonderful lines, from forehead to shoulder, with the curves of the sarsen to the rght used to suggest the presence of massed hair.   On the larger version of my photograph (accessible by clicking on the "Larger" button at the top of this page) you can clearly see how the lips have been carved into the stone, but left standing proud of the background.   The intense artistry on display here is yet another proof that many of the Avebury stones were deliberately sculpted, designs executed by people, not mere accidents of nature.

Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography