Stone 201, North-east Quadrant - (December 2016)      


"At Avebury there are vast ruins of monuments built so that people nearly five thousand years ago could meet on black winter nights and on summer days to take part in rituals that would provide them with safeguards against the inexplicable perils of their ordinary lives"    Burl, p5

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Stone 201 And Cove Stone II Show The Same Sacred Face In Profile


Stone 201 appears to be based on a similar design to Cove stone II.   To help show this I set out above a reversed image of Cove stone II for easy comparison to stone 201. The overall "doggy" outline of the stones shares similar brows, noses and crucially very distinctively crafted mouths.   Its the position and appearance of the mouths which is far too much of a coincidence to be random.   These monoliths could therefore well represent the same deity/god/folklore figure - perhaps a canine companion of the Great Goddess.  They are good examples of raw sarsen rocks that have been subtly and labouriously sculpted to resemble the same distinctive sacred character, they are not merely found objects.

Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography