Stone 01, Southern Entrance, South-East Quadrant, Image No.1 - (December 2023)

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The camera was rotated to place the face upright in this photograph, which is why the clouds at the bottom slant!

Another view of this excellent "block face" can be seen here



The south entrance to Avebury henge was defined by a pair of enormous monoliths - Stones 1 and 98. Celebrants/pilgrims/worshippers just about to enter the henge could have looked up to their left and seen this "block face" sculpture on Stone 1.

This face is very similar to zenith seekers I have already photographed here and here. However, this Stone 1 face is different as it is is not oriented to the zenith, but upwards as if looking at an easterly celestial object which is already fairly high in the sky. In other words this sculpture is not concerned with the moment of solar/lunar/stellar dawn but an easterly event in the sky that took place appreciably later in the morning/night.





Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography