Night Photography by David Baldwin



The Avebury Vulvas/Yoni Symbols







Avebury expressed a religious belief in a sacred cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.   It should be no surprise then to appreciated that Avebury was constructed with many direct references to rebirth and creative femine power. Avebury symbolises sacred rebirth by displaying carvings/selected simulacra of vulvas, these are intended to counterbalance the various stone skulls around the site, skulls which of course are frightening symbols of death.

Vulvas A and C are especially interesting:

A is carved onto the large central facade Stone 45 at West Kennet Long Barrow, a barrow which was the early center of Avebury's rebirth religion. Please click on thumbnail A above for a larger image and detailed notes.

C is known as the Vulva Stone, and scholars have shown that on a certain spring day, at dawn, it received the shadow of an (now lost male) upright stone in a crucial neolithic religious sacred conception ceremony. Again please click on thumbnail C above for larger images and detailed notes.

Please aso see Di Pattison's "Avebury's Stones" CD p 23.3.html