My First Camera Outfit (c.1981)

My first outfit comprised (left to right) a Makinon 28mm f2.8, a Cosinon 40mm f2.5, a Cosinon 50mm f2, and a Makinon 135mm f2.8.   I rapidly upgraded the PM-1 body to a Pentax K1000 to complement my beloved Pentax ME Super, and mainly moved over to using Pentax SMC lenses, especially liking the 28mm F2.8 Pentax-M model, and the 50mm f4 Pentax-M macro.   I used Pentax exclusively till around 1986 when I bought an Olympus OM2 Spot Program body and lenses.   In 1990 I moved to Nikon, initially with a Nikon FM2 body and Nikkor 28mm f2 AIS (from the middle of the decade replaced the 28mm f2 with the fabulous Nikkor 28mm f1.4 D, a lens which really gave me a deep affection for fast wide lenses), and stayed with that brand till migrating to Canon digital in 2006.   With Canon I moved through the 24mm f1.4 L mk 1 & 2 lenses, and ended up with the amazing Sigma 18-35 f1.8 DC lens.   In the last half of 2019 I returned to Nikon, basing my outfit on the Nikkor 20mm f1.8 G on a DX body.


Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography