If you are underage, a minor or a child you MUST talk with your parents or a responsible adult before going outside to take photographs. Even for adults in going out at night to make photographs we are definitely "stepping off the path" and need to take sensible safety precautions. These obviously depend on the situation in your own country but here in England I personally have the following rules:

1. Always visit the site first in daylight to assess safety and alternative exit routes. Get the landowner's permission

2. Tell someone where you are going and when they can expect you back

3. Take a mobile phone with you (but turn the ring tone OFF)

4. If possible take a friend on your shoot

5. In temperate climates it is easy to underestimate how cold you will get standing around for hours on end! For this reason do take enough outdoor clothes to keep warm. Good footwear is especially important as cold feet can really dampen your enthusiasm for the next photograph.