My (Very) Provisional Chronology Of Avebury


This table is intended only to guide me in my own interpretive/artistic studies of Avebury. The chronology here reflects my own subjective interests and is very probably tainted by my own lack of competence in interpreting academic date information. Please therefore do not use this table for your own work in any way as obviously I am not an authority on archaeological dating methodology


Date (BC) Event Source Note (if any)
4000 Farmers from Mediterranean arrive in Britain Natural History Museum Link Here
3670-3635 Construction Of West Kennet Long Barrow Marshall p42  

Foundational Square House built at what will become Avebury Link Here
3000 Central Cove Stones erected Avebury-web Link Here

Construction of Northern & Southern Inner Circles†,[Southern Inner Circle built to monumentalise original and short lived Foundational Square House of 3500 BC*]

Avebury-web, *

Link Here *Link Here

2650 Avebury ditch quarried Burl p187 According to Burl (p201) "... there is evidence that it was after the ditch and bank were completed that the stones of the outer circle were dragged through the entrances and erected along the perimeter of the already decaying ditch in a ring that conformed to its irregularities."
2500 Erection of Trilithons at Stonehenge English Heritage Link Here
2400 Beaker People arrive in Britian Natural History Museum Link Here
2400-2300 Construction Of West Kennet and Beckhampton Avenues Burl p216 "The Beckhampton and Kennet Avenues must have been built at the time when the bank and ditch were almost finished because several of the stones were supported by blocks of Lower Chalk from Avebury's ditch" Burl p209
2400-2300 Construction Of Silbury Hill Leary & Field p112  
2300 Burial of Amesbury Archer near Stonehenge Guardian Newspaper Link Here
2200 West Kennet Long Barrow's chambers filled to the roof Marshall p42  
1800 Avebury Abandoned English Heritage Link Here